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Fabrice SchombergFabrice Schomberg
various writersvarious writers

by Fabrice Schomberg

A person went somewhere,

 where everyone but him was dressed in blue, so he felt quite uncomfortable and bought blue clothes. Then he went somewhere where everyone was dressed in pink, and there, too, he felt pretty incongruous so he bought pink clothes. Then he went somewhere else where everyone was dressed in black, but he wasn’t, so he bought black clothes to blend in. Then he went where everyone dressed in white and he felt like the odd one out, so he dressed himself in white as well.

  He carried on through all the colours of the spectrum until he arrived at a place where no-one had any clothes and he felt pretty awkward. So he gave them all the clothes that he had collected, and that is why we wear different coloured clothes

till this day.

edited by Janet Cartlidge, copyright © 2013 Fabrice Schomberg

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