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Fabrice SchombergFabrice Schomberg
various writersvarious writers

by Fabrice Schomberg

In the darkest of dark caves

 lived a creature so black it could not even see itself. The creature dwelled in such a dark place that it did not know whether it was turning left or right, nor even if it were on its back or its front. Sound did not echo, so deep it was in the cave. Any sound it made would rush to escape, but not the creature. There was a reason why it was in the midst of a cave, a dire reason which caused the creature to retreat and vanish even from itself. The reason was love. You see, this creature was once a creature of light, full of passion and song. It loved mankind so dearly that it caused the Spring to spring, the Summer to summer, the Autumn to autumn and the Winter to winter. But as decades passed and millenia followed, the creature realised that mankind cared not even for itself, as each made demands at the expense of the other, and cared not for the ground they stood upon, those same lands across which the creature had once roamed.

  Since the creature’s absence, seasons had become severe with harsh, stormy winters and drought-dry summers of meager rainfall.

  Mankind persisted in excavating all the kindness that the earth had to offer until it could provide no more. It was then, in those dark times, that the creature emerged from its dark slumber, shed off the soot of the blackness in which it dwelt, and lamented:

  “Oh hearts of men, black is the heart of light and love is its source.”

  With that said, as it started to rain, mankind felt the creature’s sorrow. This encouraged their desire to nurture, tend and care not just for themselves but for each other.

  Black is the heart of light. It was only in these dark times that love was to be found, making the creature once more the source of light. It was for this reason, in the absence of love, the creature had withdrawn into the darkness, as it

believed in love.

edited by Janet Cartlidge, copyright © 2016 Fabrice Schomberg

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