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Sketched Worldsa variety of

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by Fabrice Schomberg

There was a man who could talk to wind.

  his name was man who talk to wind, Whatever weather he wanted the wind to bring him, he would just ask and the wind and the wind would just blow and bring it from somewhere.

  I am the mightiest of them all said the wind, nothing can repel me, I can make waves in the sea or draw clouds to rain, extinguish or burn fires and even move mountains, as they all serve my will.

  Sometimes man who talk to wind wanted it to rain, sometimes he wanted it to be sunny and sometimes he even just wanted a windy day. But after a while he got bored and wanted just to sit down and relax.

  Then he wanted Sun all around him yet have a cloud above his head for shade, he also did not want to get off his seat so he asked the wind to cause a river to come and flow next to him, so he'd need just lift his glass and fill it up with water to drink next to him.

  It was perfect, the perfect weather, however, for there always to be sun all around him and a river to run through with a cloud atop his head, meant that all the other people living around him had bad weather, as it constantly rained on them. On them it was cloudy, cold and very windy, all the time. They did not like this weather and attitude the man who could talk to wind was having, so they came one by one to ask the man who could talk to wind if he could talk to wind and make this dreadful weather upon them stop.

  But the man who could talk to wind had no reason to do so and did not want to oblige, for he was happy with the sun all around him, a cloud on his head and water coming all the way to him.

  Again they all visited the man to make this bad weather stop, but all for no use, he who could talk to wind, would not move a budge if not merely talk to the wind, for he was happy, there was sunny all around him, a cloud on top of his head, water coming all the way to him and not even a slight breeze to bother him. The wind was blowing far around him and shielding him from the cold, clouds, rain and breeze.

  The discouraged people went back to there bad weather of rain, wind and cloud and felt helpless, nothing they said made he who could talk to wind change his mind and talk to wind, for he did not mind them living in distress as long as it was comfortable for him in his dwelling.

  One day another person came to ask the man who could talk to wind if he could stop the bad weather around him, but of course the man who could talk with wind did not oblige. So the person who approached he who could talk with wind said "fine, if you won't talk with wind, I will play music to it", and he played music and he played all over and around, the most beautiful music that the wind had ever heard and the wind stopped blowing around man who could talk to wind so that the clouds from around him came in with a gust that pored rain onto him and in with it came the cold, damp, blocking the sun and it was wet.

  The man was furious, how dare this person play such music to the wind and disperse it.

  He was so furious that he sent a great big storm to all the people around him, the storm was so great that it flooded and came back all the way to him, and all that was left was a lake

where once stood the man who could talk to the wind and his neighbours.

copyright © 2007 Fabrice Schomberg

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